In which Tanya Lloyd Kyi rocks the world and appears on Urban Rush and at CWILL’s Spring Book Hatching

Today, we want to send out a little Internet love to author Tanya Lloyd Kyi. Tanya has just released her latest book Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World with Walrus Books and it’s spectacular. It’s full of truly inspiring stories about girls who overcame all odds to achieve their dreams, most before they reached their twentieth birthdays. It made us tear up a little, to be honest. So first and foremost, we love Tanya for inspiring us.

We also love her because she made a trailer for her book. Check this out:

And then, just when we thought no one could rock more than Dr. Emily Jennings Stowe, we found out about a ton of exciting events that Tanya has lined up in the next few weeks. First, she’ll be a guest on Shaw TV’s Urban Rush on April 20, and then you can catch her at the Canadian Writer’s and Illustrators of BC Spring Book Hatching at the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch on May 2. The Spring Book Hatching features all sorts of fantastic BC children’s authors, including the wonderful Pam Withers. Students who drop by can enter a draw for a free author visit to their school.

Whew. Our hearts are now so full of love that most of us have abandoned our work and started singing show tunes with the words changed so that they’re all about Tanya. A spontaneous dance number has erupted in our hallway. I’ve been elected secretary. It’s my job to record the proceedings.

Um…step kick kick…and…jazz hands.

Thanks, Tanya.



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3 responses to “In which Tanya Lloyd Kyi rocks the world and appears on Urban Rush and at CWILL’s Spring Book Hatching

  1. tanyakyi

    Hey, I think I did that little number as part of my grade 7 audition for the Expo 86 B.C. Pavilion. Sorry to have to break it to you, but we were cut from the competition early. I guess those gingham pioneer aprons weren’t working for the judges…

    I promise not to dance on TV.

  2. walrusbooks

    Pioneer dance number? Amazing. I have no idea why you were cut. Sometimes, there’s no accounting for taste.

    How was Urban Rush?

  3. tanyakyi

    Well, did you see Rob Feenie and Jacqui Cohen on the same show? Uh-huh. And, someone did my makeup, just like on What Not to Wear. And, there were cookies.

    But don’t worry. I’ll remember the little people…

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