In which our designer, Mauve, takes a picture of something other than the latte she ordered with lunch.

An actual photo of a latte by Mauve.  Mauve Page is a book designer here at Whitecap. She’s the woman behind the covers on the Wild Horse Creek and Horse Mad books, which means: a) she’s awesome, and b) sometimes she walks by our desks with pictures of horses and asks things like, “Would you say this horse has a wide white blaze on his forehead?” or “Is this horse chestnut, or more sorrel?” We’re disappointingly ill-informed on these matters. Walruses, for the record, are brown.

Mauve likes cheese and shoes and typography. She also likes taking pictures of the lattes she orders at lunch. She’ll put her cup on the table, sigh, and say, “Isn’t that just beautiful?” Then she’ll take her iPhone out of her bag and snap a photo. We had this idea that at Mauve’s house there’d be a Wall of Fame, a giant surface covered in thousands of pictures of lattes, each meticulously dated. She assures us that this is not the case.

Anyway, the other day Mauve came into the office very excited because on the weekend she’d taken this picture for us:


Gorgeous.  More gorgeous, even, than a latte.


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