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In which we post the Walrus Books Not Broccoli Summer Reading List

Horse Mad HeroesDuring the school year, there’s always something you should be reading.  There’s a book report due, or you really should be researching the history of Uruguay, or it’s not exactly assigned, but why is it that everyone in your class has read the complete works of Dickens and you haven’t?  School year reading is good for you.  It’s broccoli.

The best part of summer reading is that it’s nothing but what you want to read.  Here’s a promise. If, come September, you’ve read nothing but Archie comics, we’re still going to like you.

For what it’s worth, here’s what we’re going to read this summer. Our plan is to read one book a week until we’re done and post our thoughts on this blog each Friday. We’re also going to Twitter as we go. We’re hoping maybe some of you feel like reading along with us.  Yes?  Yes?

Nine weeks of summer.  Nine Walrus Books titles.  Absolutely no broccoli.

  1. Horse Mad Heroes by Kathy Helidoniotis
  2. Coyote Canyon by Sharon Siamon
  3. Gaia Wild by Diane Haynes
  4. Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
  5. Mountainboard Maniacs by Pam Withers
  6. The Lost Sketch by Andrea and David Spalding
  7. Gallop to the Sea by Sharon Siamon
  8. Secrets in the Sand by Sharon Siamon
  9. Rodeo Horse by Sharon Siamon

Let’s get reading!



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